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Quality of visual systems has improved exponentially over the last few years, with no signs of slowing down. What you may not have realised is that nearly all televisions, projectors and monitors require Video Calibration to ensure you get the truest possible colours and dynamic range from your visual investment.

Video Calibration can be likened to the tuning of a musical instrument; Advanced Smart Homes will optimise your displays so they come as close to replicating the initial recording as possible by customising more than 50 different parameters. When you first see your television in a retail environment, it has to compete with every other brand and model beside it; meaning the one that leapt out at you was programmed to excel in a retail environment, and often isn’t a true representation of the colours and depth of your favourite films, sports or games. For this reason alone, Video Calibration is an essential part of your Home Cinema setup.

Advanced Smart Homes utilize our relationship and training with the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) to provide professional Video Calibration. ISF provide training and support to video calibrators across the globe, and work with big name manufacturers such as Microsoft, LG, Epson, Dolby, Panasonic, NVIDIA, Bose, JVC, Pioneer and more on product development, evaluation and endorsement.

We recognise that no two televisions, monitors or projectors are the same, even if they are an identical model; and we treat each visual system and the environment it is positioned in as unique. Our digital video calibration is performed using cutting-edge ISF hardware and software, the same that is used to calibrate reference-grade monitors that big-budget video, film, design and production houses use the world over.

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