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Board rooms, training rooms, huddle spaces. Whatever you call them, they are becoming increasingly important to the modern business as a way to not just ensure everyone in the room can communicate, but also around the world with video conferencing. Board rooms can vary significantly in size and scope to, and therefore it is important to ensure you choose a provider who can offer something that scales with your needs. Whether you are looking to make an impression of potential clients, or just make sure training can be run efficiently and hassle-free, a solid board room installation is key.



Whether you’re looking to create or upgrade your Home Cinema Installation for your space; look no further than Advanced Smart Homes.

The cornerstone of an incredible Audio/Visual setup is the home theatre or media room, providing an immersive experience previously only available in the cinema. Advanced Smart Homes can bring your favourite movies, sports or games to life with professionally designed Home Cinema Installation.

We take a wholistic approach to our Home Cinema Installation, incorporating the seating positions, lighting, air conditioning and entry/exit positioning into a fully functional and enjoyable setup for you and your family to use. Advanced Smart Homes will engineer your theatre to optimise your acoustic and video design along with minimising disruption to and from external services.

Home Cinema has evolved past a simple big picture and 5.1 surround sound, and with improvements being made every day to Smart Home technology, taking full advantage of integrated systems is an essential part of any modern Home Cinema Installation.

If you’re ready to take the leap into a truly immersive Home Cinema experience in Townsville, contact Advanced Smart Homes today on 0467 483 719, or by filling out the form below.


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