Lighting Control Systems

We like to think of a Smart Home as a living, breathing entity much like you or I, and consider Lighting Control Systems to be the heart of any Smart Home. Most automated sequences will generally include interaction with the lighting system in some way, shape or form.

Lighting Control Systems offer more than just lighting; blinds, fans, air-conditioners and gates can all be controlled through your lighting system. Lighting control is perfectly positioned for managing energy efficiency of your home by ensuring lights and cooling/heating are off when you’re not in the room, thus keeping energy costs to a minimum.

Going one step further, you can also customise and automate presets with your Lighting Control Systems. For example, blinds closed, air-conditioning on, lights off for watching a movie, or perhaps carefully selected, dimmed lighting to allow movement between rooms without waking the family. Perhaps if the worst happens and an intruder sets off the alarm, you could program all external lighting to switch on when the alarm is activated.

The possibilities are truly endless, and not only will Advanced Smart Homes’ Lighting Control Systems assist with making your day-to-day activities simpler, it’ll also save you money on your utility bills in the long run.

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