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As a business taking control your systems may not seem like a critical feature. But when you enter your board room and want to impress that client, pressing a button and seeing the lights dim, the projector screen drop, and all the devices turn on and synchronise is never not impressive. Beyond that, just being able to control devices in a user-friendly manner is equally important. Employees come and go, and so does their knowledge, so having control of board rooms and the rest of the office made simple is a feature that more business are taking advantage of than ever before.


If a lighting system was the heart of a smart home, the control system would be the brain! It is essentially what puts the ‘smart’ in Smart Home Control Systems, and it pays to have the smartest.

Advanced Smart Homes offer a wide range of Smart Home Control Systems, and are sure to find one with the right features to fit your functionality requirements and budget. In-Wall touch screens, iPads, remotes or a combination of those can be programmed by us to control almost all of your devices in your home.

Smart Home Control Systems are an up-and-coming staple of new home builders and renovators alike; allowing functionality from your home automation system such as Audio Visual control, lighting, HVAC / Air Conditioning and future-proofed upgradability for systems not yet conceived.

Sizing of your Smart Home Control Systems can be something as basic as a single, standalone room, right up to a fully integrated smart home of the future. Townsville, the sky really is the limit, so contact Advanced Smart Homes now on 0467 483 719 or by using the form below.


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