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Demand for high-quality security systems is at an all-time high, with CCTV Installation being one of our most requested services. CCTV acts as not just a way to check on your home while you’re away, but it also acts as a deterrent to would-be thieves; complementing your existing security systems.

Adding the ability to monitor your Smart Home via Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) ensures peace-of-mind for home-owners, with a live video feed being accessible on your smartphone at any time. Gone are the days of a dimly lit room with bulky, low-resolution CRT’s televisions lining the walls, with our CCTV Installation services, you’re now able to monitor your investment in real time without bulky hardware.

Combine your CCTV Installation with our Video Distribution services, and you’ll have the ability to watch your cameras on any TV or monitor in the house. CCTV isn’t solely reliant on real-time viewing, you’ll also be able to record and review events at a later date, particularly useful should the worst happen and you require video evidence to help catch the culprit.

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